The Benefits of Progress OpenEdge Pro2 Data Replication

The flexibility of OpenEdge Pro2 reveals a whole new set of opportunities and security for your data by providing a set-it-and-forget-it replication solution, quietly working in the background replicating to the SQL, Oracle, or OpenEdge database of your choosing. By replicating in real-time, any analysis can be run against current data in a replicated database leaving the transactional database resources to their normal activities and tasks. This also means there are not long replication times at the end of the day that can bog down servers.

Features Benefits
Data Warehouse
  • Populate a data warehouse while maintaining consistency between unrelated systems.
  • Populate a central repository.
  • Replicate information from a production location to an identical version used for analytical purposes.
  • Filter data to provide an accurate subset for business processes.
Eliminate Redundancy
  • Schedule and maintaining consistency of data in multiple locations by providing a single version of the truth from a central site.
  • Apply real-time or event-driven rules to guarantee synchronization across all data locations.