Data usage, reporting and analysis should not be constrained by the availability of reporting applications that don’t natively support OpenEdge. Progress OpenEdge Pro2 data replication provides the opportunity to expand options of third-party reporting solutions, business intelligence applications, and data warehousing tools

OpenEdge Pro2 data replication is a solution for Progress OpenEdge users that provides quick access to your data from your OpenEdge application. OpenEdge Pro2 replicates data in essentially real-time to SQL, Oracle, or another OpenEdge database. OpenEdge Pro2 provides customers access to data in a safe environment without affecting the transactional database for the purposes of real-time reporting, data mining, analysis, data warehousing, and data consolidation.

By utilizing the inherent support for replication within OpenEdge, OpenEdge Pro2 data replication detects changes in data and triggers replication. This near real-time replication results in a robust and secure replicated database, while only occupying a small footprint on your OpenEdge database.